De Novo Floral | Flower care

Flower Care Tips

1. Remove packing and water source

2. Remove excess leaves and guardian pedals

3. No leaves submerged under water level

4. Change Water Regularly

5. Cut stems at an angel

6. Cross snip each branch

7. Keep ventilated

8. Avoid direct light, and heater (during winter)

9. Avoid water


Flower Arrangement Care Tips

Flower Bouquet

1. Display bouquet in a cool spot. Keep the vase, container or liner filled with water.

2. Remove the flowers from the design and re-cut the stems every few days. Change water, add additional flower food.

Floral Box and Basket

Add 1/2 cup of water into watertight gift box once a day. Keep ventilated. 

Preserved and Dried Flower

DO NOT WATER. Avoid high moisture area or very dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Blow with hair dryer from a moderate distance when dusty.