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Order Issue

No, once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed in our system.

We work hard to process your order quickly to get your items out for delivery as soon as possible. Once your order processes, you may still request cancellation, however please note that cancellation is not guaranteed at this time. Please send cancellation request to

An account is not required in order to shop on our site! But we do recommend that you create an account, as it makes it easy to check on the status of an order and gives you access to your full order history. You can also save your shipping information for a quicker checkout experience!

When you process the payment with a credit card, there are several reasons why it could be declined.
Common reasons include inputting wrong card details (such as name, expiry date, CVC or pin number), exceeding spend limit, transaction timeout, etc.

Sometimes the payment may be declined by the issuing bank. In this case, you may contact your bank for authorization of the transaction.
Also, paying with another credit card or PayPal could be an alternative option.

Please feel free to leave us a message or email us at if you need further help.


Sorry we don't offer any international shipping at this point.

At least 1 business day is required for us to process and deliver your order.